These courses are intended for Kalamazoo County EMS personnel.

SAM Splint Pelvic Sling Training for KCMCA 

EMS frequently encounters patients that are in extremis and quickly deteriorating to the point of cardiac arrest, often while packaging and loading these patients.

It is important to rapidly recognize the deteriorating patient and take immediate action where you encounter the patient to stabilize the condition before loading and transporting. The following timeline provides a prioritization of the goal directed treatments to stabilize the patient and prevent deterioration.

This course is an introduction to the Region 5 Hostile MCI Protocol and to the Rescue Task Force concept.  The information in this course was developed by Western Michigan University Homer Stryker MD School of Medicine's Division of EMS and Disaster Medicine on behalf of the Region 5 Medical Control Authority Network, the 5th District Medical Response Coalition, and the Region 5 Homeland Security Planning Board.  The intended audience for this course is licensed EMS personnel as well as law enforcement personnel.  The course is ideally designed to be complemented with hands-on training and periodic multi-disciplinary exercises.

 Please select the appropriate license level and agency affiliation to complete the test.

Protocol Tests consists of 50 multiple choice questions.

A passing score of 85 Percent must be achieved.

A maximum of 2 attempts are allowed.

The tests will remain open until June 15, 2019 and must be completed by midnight of that date.

  • This online training module provides the didactic training material for the i-gel airway.

  • Completion of each section of the lesson is required in order to advance through the entire lesson to completion.

  • Once completed, you will be eligible to attend the hand on training session for i-gel airway use at your agency/department.